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Bowen Therapy

Promoting healing throughout the entire body


About Me

Registered Bowen Practitioner/Instructor, Sue Hamilton, is a fully qualified “Bowtech” (The Original Tom Bowen technique) practitioner. She holds the following qualifications: Certificate 1V Bowen Therapy, Diploma of Specialized Bowen Therapy, Certificate 1V Training and Assessment, and is a Master Bowen Therapist. Sue has been involved in the health and beauty industry for many years and founded Bowen Therapy at Karana Downs, a very successful, natural pain clinic where Bowen Therapy is the only therapy utilised to treat pain, sports injuries and other ailments.

Bowen Therapy - a wonderful way to be kind to yourself

Hand Massage

What does Bowen Therapy treat.. 

  • Back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Migraines and ear aches

  • Stress and emotional problems

  • Digestive problems

  • Groin and pelvic problems

  • Knee and ankle problems

  • Sport and accident injuries

  • Menstrual irregularities

  • RSI and tennis elbow

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Jaw and TMJ,

  • Asthma and Hay fever

  • Bed wetting

.....and pain of unknown origin.



As a registered nurse of 28 years, I don't know how many times I've counselled patients that after a fall/accident/trauma they' are often going to feel worse the next day and even worse the day after that. This is the usual course of events for any type of trauma to the body. But with a Bowen session the day after my big fall, I was deeply surprised at how much better I felt, rather than being more sore and achy. I recommend Bowen as soon as possible after an injury, to bring the body back to balance!

Sharon, Nurse

I have been recuperating from a serious illness for the last five years, so I am not an easy client. I am so glad that I've found Bowen Therapy and Sue. It is amazing how such a light touch can produce such remarkable results, going deep in the body, releasing and healing. With each treatment, I go deeper and deeper into the healing I need at that time. Bowen is having a cumulative effect over time. My body seems to remember the last session and build from there


When I came to Sue I was on the verge of having to look for a new career. I spend most of my days on a computer, and I had tremendous shooting pains and numbness in my forearms. A friend recommended Sue. Her determination, commitment to my overall well-being, and thoughtfulness went above and beyond any practitioner I had worked with previously. I felt the difference in my body after the first session and felt more energized after each treatment. It was like my body was going back in time to how it used to feel. Today, I am pain free and enjoying the work I love.

Julie B, Graphic Artist


2 Indra Crescent, Karana Downs, Qld 4306

To discuss treatment options or to make an appointment please phone (and leave a message if there is no answer) or send a Facebook message. 

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